środa, stycznia 23, 2008

House of The Holy Afro, Brian Wilson (Beach Boys)

Nasz wszędobylski fotograf -TOMEK KOPROWSKI
- nadesłał kolejne,
piękne fotki z FESTIVAL OF SYDNEY 2008

Koncert na Domaine:
zespół z południowej Afryki

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SYDNEY FESTIWAL - styczeń 2008

Nasz fotograf przy tym był...
TOMEK KOPROWSKI sfotografował
koncert legendarnej grupy BEACH BOYS,
którzy 5 stycznia wystąpili na placu Domaine w Sydney.

Sydney Festival 2008 pays tribute to arguably the greatest american composer of popular music of the past 50 years. Brian Wilson is one of music's most deeply revered figures and the main creative force behind some of the most cherished music in pop history.

Wilson formed the Beach Boys in 1961, with his two younger brothers Dennis and Carl, cousin Mike Love, and school friend Alan Jardine. The group went on to become the most successful American pop band in history. Wilson's musical imagination reached new heights with the 1966 release of the legendary Pet Sounds. After a period of personal hiatus, Brian re-emerged with new work, affirming his talent as a creative force of continuing importance

Concert in Domaine 5.1.2008

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